Warning to Mysuru

As per report in the media,  the average speed 35 km per hour in 2005, slowed down to 9.21 km in 2014 and today it is 4-5  on the city’s key Outer Ring  Road in Bengaluru is an  extremely alarming picture. Traffic expert M N Srihari estimates that besides  an average citizen spends more than 240 hours stuck in traffic jam every year  and traffic delays  cost the city $950 million is a great  enormous economic loss. Add to this cost of the increasing  fatalities, increase in  fuel consumption  due to slow speed and idling at traffic signals   the amount will substantially increase , It is not as if the authorities were ignorant of this as traffic experts have been warning of this impending situation  but the tragedy is that the government have misplaced  priorities   blind to the long time effect and investing in short term of goal in projects like long steel bridge which only helps to transfer the traffic density from one place to another causing ripple effect elsewhere. Unless the government sets up a high level committee comprising experts in all disciplines,  Bengaluru faces a complete traffic chaos and silicon valley will become  a story of the past. This is also a timely warning to authorities in Mysuru. 

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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