Waste management system outdate: Prof S Mahesh

Waste management systems in India are centuries old and have high limitations, said Professor at Environmental Science Department at SJCE Prof. S Mahesh on Monday.He was speaking on the topic “Threats to our fragile environment” at a one-day workshop for teachers on environment organised by Parisara Foundation at a private hotel in city.Addressing the gathering, he said, “Nature makes resources out of all wastes; man makes waste out of all resources. Taking resources out of a place leads to pollution. In the name of development, man has been polluting the five elements _ earth, water, fire, air and nature to a greater extent. Water and earth are exploited to the core. As per the statistics, only 20-22% of domestic water in India is treated in India. Rest is discharged into natural water resources. It is a well known fact that our waste management systems are archaic and have high limitations.”

He highlighted the importance of creating a systematic disposal system. “In Mysuru, each individual produces minimum of 450 kg of waste. Can we create a system where the resources are utilised to such an extent that no waste is produced? Can it be practically operation? Yes, our innovations should aim at that where waste content is zero. It can be achieved through precautionary measures and organic methods. But why have we failed is man has become inorganic thus leading to threats to environment. We all should think that environment protection and development should go hand in hand. Otherwise, it will spell disaster.”Diaster is man-made

Pollution is man-made and to supplement his desire, lakes which have 50,000 years of span have only 50 years of existence.  Member and former Zilla Panchayat president Dr Pushpa Amarnath, Coordinator Youth Service M N Nataraja, President Mysore District Journalists Association K Deepak, BEO South Zone Shivaramegowda, Parisara Foundation Trustee Harsha and others were present.

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