Water level crosses 100 ft mark at KRS Dam

Mysuru, June 19:- The water level at KRS Dam has crossed 100 feet mark in June for the first time in 20 years, thanks to heavy rains in the last couple of days.

The water level was reduced to 73 feet in April and release of water to Tamil Nadu had been stopped subsequently. The water was being used only for the drinking purpose. The reservoir received 23.55 feet of water in a week’s time. Last year, the reservoir had only 67.86 feet around this time.

Farmer leader Haniyambadi Nagaraj said that the reservoir reached the optimum level in the month of June 20 years ago and it has crossed 100 feet mark in June this year.

The reservoir has an inflow of 11,297 cusecs and an outflow of 369 cusecs. (MR/NB).

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