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Waterpoof mascara, tinted moisturiser: Must-haves during monsoon

To avoid ruining your perfect make-up on a rainy day, apply a thin coat of tinted moisturiser, then a layer of foundation, and always use a waterproof mascara.

Here we have essential tips for maintaining flawless make-up during the monsoon season:

* Tinted moisturiser: Always make sure that your foundation is waterproof. During the rainy days, the best way to use a foundation is to apply a thin coat of tinted moisturiser and then put a layer of foundation. This will help the foundation stay longer.

* Waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara is a must during rainy days. So to keep your lashes locked down with that perfect colour of mascara; make sure you have waterproof mascara in your kitty.

* Cream blush: This is a life-saver during monsoon. When it’s raining; you want something that is going to show up and something that is going to stick. That is exactly what a cream blush does.

* Primer: Primer will make sure that your make-up stays in place.

* Apply light make-up: Steer clear from any heavy moisturisers and foundation when the humidity is high. Go for colours from lightweight illuminating products instead of heavy make-up.

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