WB: Primary school teachers call off hunger strike after pay revision

Prime News, Nation, (Kolkata), July 27:-Primary teachers in West Bengal have called off their hunger strike after the state government announced a hike in grade pay and reinstated 14 teachers in their home districts.

The grade pay of trained primary teachers was enhanced from Rs 2,600 in Pay Band-2 to Rs 3,600 in Pay Band-3 and the grade pay of untrained primary teachers was enhanced from Rs 2,300 to Rs 2,900 in Pay Band-2 with effect from August 1, read an order from the state government.

The teachers said that the state government “partly considered” their demand, and, therefore called off the strike which was staged for around two weeks.

“In terms of getting a legitimate salary, though we demanded Pay Band-4, the government has declared Pay Band-3… And in terms of revoking those 14 teachers’ transfer, the government has revoked it. All those 14 teachers are ordered to come back to their native place… At least they are brought back to their district or nearer to their house! So in a sense, our protest has won. So, we called off our hunger strike. But in terms of salary we are partly happy,” they said.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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