We have to choose better things from science: Former ISRO scientist C R Satya

Mysuru, March 19:- “Science is running at the top of its speed. Many argue that it is more of a harm. It is not right to put a brake on its pace. Science too has good and bad faces like everything else has. We have to choose what is right in science,” said former scientist of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) C R Satya here on Sunday.

He was speaking at the 60th monthly science lecture event organised by Mysore Science Foundation at Maneyangala at Kalamandir here.

He delivered a special lecture on ‘Human being in future.’  “The research mindset of a human being evolved when he invented fire. No one can stop the inventions. After the fire, man invented the wheel, house, vehicle, language, civilisation, electricity, the radio and TV and so on. The gadgets we purchase today become outdated tomorrow. Inventions have helped us to do our work with ease and speed. Today robots with artificial intelligence are doing everything that human beings can do. It is no wonder if machines become the enemy number 1 of human beings in future,” he opined. (MR/GK).

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