We have to look up to skies for rains even in monsoon: Dr Arun Balamatti

Mysuru, June 24:- “The change in environment has affected us badly. We have to look up to the skies in anticipation of rain even during the rainy season,” said senior scientist and director of JSS Science Centre, Dr Arun Balamatti.

He was speaking at World Environment Day at JSS Residential School here on Saturday.

“Even the weather forecasters can’t predict the weather accurately due to change in weather and imbalance in the environment. Nature can balance itself properly. But it is a lengthy process. Due to various changes in the past 10 years, nature has reached a level that it can’t protect itself. 40% of animals and 70% of the insects are on the verge of extinction. Every year, 90,000 people die in Europe due to increased temperature. Nature has proved that we are not bigger than nature. The motto for this year is to control air pollution. Nature can fulfill our needs, but not our greed,” he said.

G Shivamallu, CP Nirmala, BM Siddappa and others were present. (MR/SH)

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