‘We need film clubs in every college’

The centenary auditorium witnessed a full house, jam-packed with students during the inaugural function of the Maharaja Film Club held at Maharaja’s College here on Thursday.

Inaugurating the event, national award winning film editor M N Swamy urged students to focus on watching art movies along with entertainment movies. “Art movies have a close connection with human life, exposing the reality of life and culture akin to a mirror,” he said.

Speaking about the need of film clubs in colleges, he said: “Film clubs can create good audience and make them understand movies from various genres. Film clubs help viewers to understand different cultures. A good audience can contribute in creating a better society. Hence, film clubs need to extend cinema literacy not only to colleges and civilised urban areas, but also to rural areas.”

Film clubs screen value-based movies without any bias regarding language and region and also conduct interactions, which help in sharing ideas, he pointed

Speaking during the inaugural function, state award-winning film director Prakash Babu pointed that contemporary cinema lacked quality and film clubs can create better directors and technicians. “India is one of the topmost countries in cinema production but lags behind when it comes to quality cinema. 90 percent of our released movies are not making any impact on the society. The major objective of cinema is to make social changes through rising sensitive issues in a proper manner,” he stressed.

Film appreciation activities have to be considered as co-curricular or part of studies. All colleges haved to initiate such programmes to benefit the young generation, he urged.

Maharaja College administrative officer Dr Vasantha, Principal Prof B Nagaraja Murthy, University of Mysore Syndicate Member Ramesh were present.

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