We need to be responsible citizens

Mysuru, May 18:- That Mysuru has slipped to fifth spot from the top in the list of cleanest cities is making news for sometime now. Youth and old alike have the responsibility to keep the city clean so that the heritage city regains top position. No one is an exception. But Youth Congress members seem to think the other way. If what happened on Tuesday is any example, it maybe true.

Election for the Youth Congress posts were held at Composite PU College on Tuesday. Instead of keeping the place clean, they littered the area with old papers, pamphlets and what not. It was such a mess that localites were seen complaining against the indifferent attitude of the Youth Congress members. Such acts will further damage city’s reputation, they said. No matter who we are and what our political leanings are, it is our foremost duty to keep our city clean. (MR/KS).

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