“We stayed when Nitish Kumar left”: Chirag Paswan’s reminder for BJP

Prime News, National (Patna), June 22:-LJP chief Chirag Paswan has accused Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of an “anti-Dalit mindset” and of “mistreating Dalits within his own party”. Speaking to, he also admitted it is hard to believe the coup happened without top BJP leaders being aware, particularly since the leader (and uncle) Pashupati Paras let slip last week he might “take oath as a union minister”.

The LJP, under Chirag Paswan, was the ‘x-factor’ in last year’s election; the cutting of JDU votes helped the BJP emerge as the main power in the ruling NDA, and there was speculation the smaller party was the BJP’s ‘plan B’ to reduce Nitish Kumar’s influence – something the party denied.

The denials didn’t change the fact the BJP was seen as benefitting from the turn of events – winning 21 more seats than it did in 2015, while the JDU lost 28. Paswan’s LJP won just one seat but he claimed a moral win, saying he had “achieved” what he set out to do – to make the BJP stronger.

And as he battles to keep control of his late father Ram Vilas Paswan’s party, Chirag Paswan had a gentle reminder for the BJP of the support it had received from the LJP in the past.

“… should not forget we joined hands with them after PM Modi’s name was announced (the JDU-BJP broke up ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha election) old allies like Nitish left them and it was Paswan voters who turned the table… six per cent Dalit votes are still firmly with us,” he said. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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