We work under a shadow of suspicion, say Sri Lankan journos

According to the delegation of Sri Lankan journalists on a study tour to India, the government suspects them, while they cannot even express themselves freely, unlike in India.

Press Club: Sri Lankan journalists asserted that system of parliamentary democracy in India provides better opportunities to express freedom of speech and expression, while the presidential democratic government in Sri Lanka suspects journalists and activists struggling to ensure human rights, such as the war crimes against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Twenty five journalists from Sri Lanka visited Mysuru on Saturday as a part of their study tour across India, which has been organised by the broadcast ministry of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Press Association Foreign Secretary K K Kariyakaravana, Sri Lanka Ministry of Power Media Secretary Saman Sumudu and Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Secretary Upul Janaka Jayasinghe were present.

According to Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Secretary Upul Janaka Jayasinghe, ensuring media ethics and raising voice to protect human rights is a challenging job in Sri Lanka, where the government itself looks at journalists with concern towards human rights, considering them conspirators against the nation.

During an interaction with Mysuru District Journalists Association, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Secretary Upul Janaka Jayasinghe said that many journalists have been killed in Sri Lanka in the name of ‘security concerns’. Journalists working in both print and electronic media face security threats, making them work under certain restrictions which do allow them to express their views as freely as in India.

So far, Journalism in Sri Lanka is not even considered as a profession and many of journalists have been doing their work as a social service, compromising with poor salary. However, some of political powers misuse them during the electoral process for obtaining wide publicity. However, the Lankan government recently introduced Right to Information Act, which is a significant milestone in terms of transparency in governance as well protecting journalistic rights.

Mysuru District Journalists Association President K Deepak, General Secretary K J Lokesh Babu, Secretary Srikantaswamy and others were present during an interaction.


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