Wear helmet

It is really tragic to know that a pregnant woman and her two-year-old kid were killed in a road accident (City Today, August 22). It is learnt that she was not wearing helmet and her husband, who was wearing helmet, sustained injuries. In spite of reading such news in the media, many people are not showing seriousness in wearing the helmets and everyday one can see hundreds of people simply carrying the helmets with them but not wearing it. Incidentally, another news items was published in the same issue, wherein the top leaders of BJP either at state level or city level were seen on two wheelers without wearing helmets, which went unnoticed. If they felt shy to wear the helmets or thought that people may not recognize them if they wear the helmet, they should have simply avoided sitting on two wheelers.  Being senior leaders, they should show the path to their followers and when leaders themselves do not wear helmet, how can one expect their followers to follow the rule, which is for their safety only, but not for the safety of others! People should remember that accidents will not occur by informing before. Everyone should start wearing helmet without fail, whenever they sit on a two wheeler either as a rider or as a pillion. In the past, helmets have saved many lives when riders were wearing it.

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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