Webinar on public speaking held at IETE

Mysuru, August 28:- IETE Mysuru Centre organised a webinar on “public speaking” recently. Kishore Rachaiah, founder of Kreatement Events and co-founder of Vyaapaarguru, who was the chief guest gave an interesting and interactive session on public speaking. He ensured maximum participation by everyone, asking them to turn on their videos and audios, speak and interact with him making it an open forum, and a practical session on public speaking.

Rachaiah emphasised the importance of the art of storytelling to develop good public speaking skills. He said that self-confidence and hard work can make one succeed despite all the challenges that one will face in life after graduation.

The art of asking questions: One of the very efficient ways of interacting with people is asking questions. Questions are of two types: open-ended and close-ended. Close-end questions have a Yes or a No as the answer, while open-end questions need an explanation as the answer. So when and how to ask questions in order to get information and make the right decision.

Confidence: The most important skill for public speaking is the confidence which most people lack. When one comes in front of an audience it is the speaker’s confidence that will make him or her a good speaker.
Focus: A speech or action without focus takes us in different directions except for the Goal.
Goal is most important so one sets the right expectations from oneself & also to set a big goal so we think big, grow big & achieve big goals in life.

A fixed focus on the goal that takes us towards it is an absolute necessity. If we lose focus, we only see obstacles and not the goal, explained Rachaiah.

Prof Nataraj C R, Chairman, IETE Mysuru centre; Dr Bhagyashree S R, vice chairman, IETE Mysuru centre; Professor and Dean (Research), Department of ECE, ATMECE, Mysuru; Dr Parameshachari B D, Secretary, IETE Mysuru centre; Professor and HoD, Department of TCE, GSSSIETW, Mysuru, Prof Shashidhar S Gokhale, Treasurer, IETE Mysuru, executive committee members of IETE Mysuru Centre and participants from various colleges participated.

Prarthana M, student, Department of TCE, GSSSIETW, welcomed the participants. The webinar was coordinated by Rajesh K M, assistant professor, Department of TCE, GSSSIETW. (MR)

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