Week-long orientation programme for faculties begins

A four-week long orientation programme for both under graduate and post graduate faculties from universities across India began at UGC-Human Resource Development Centre here on Friday. Participants from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and from Assam are taking part in the programme.
Speaking after the inauguration, Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) Director Professor Awadesh Kumar Mishra said that understanding information and communication tool is essential for effective teaching. “Apart from in-depth knowledge in their respective teaching subjects, teachers must have smart ideas to handle human resources. They need to adopt positive psychological aspects to make the students understand various concepts.”
Mishra said that teachers need to link social knowledge and academic Knowledge. “There is a need of to study the impact of education on the society, whether the objective of the Constitution is functioning effectively or not. It helps us to determine the measures to be taken to up human values in the society.”
“Merely passing the information is not the objective of teaching. It should spur hidden talent from everyone. Teachers should adopt knowledge in vast subjects, so that they can teach the subject effectively,” he opined.
UGC-Human Resource Development Centre Director Professor Lingaraja Gandhi was present. Around 50 teachers are participating.

Talks on various subjects

Common subjects and lectures on various aspects will be conducted during this 109th orientation programme.
While professor K S Suresh delivers presentation on right to information act on Friday, Professor P Nagabhushan will talk on academic excellence and professor M N Panini will render speech on nationalism and nation Building, on Saturday.

Professor CKN Raja will deliver a lecture on the Indian Constitution, Professor G Rajagopal will speak on phonetics and spoken English on Monday.

Professor N Usharani will deliver a lecture on social communication, Professor K Doraiswamy will deliver a talk on knowledge base for teaching and Professor Lingaraja Gandhi will render a lecture on ‘Understanding Indian Higher Education : Issues and Challenges ‘ and ‘Privatization of Higher Education ‘ on Tuesday.

Professor D S Guru will talk on significance and documentation of research, professor Yashvantha Dongre will deliver talk on reverse thinking, linking class room to society on June 22.

Professor A Balasubramanian will talk on research projects and methods,  funding agencies, Professor C P Ramasesh will speak on information resources for teaching and research on June 23.

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