Weighty issue: Captain Arjuna proves his strength

Rehearsal of Dasara elephants begins in Mysuru

Mysuru, September 6:- The rehearsal of Dasara elephants has commenced in the city on Thursday ahead of Mysuru Dasara. Elephants have started their regular march in the city.

Weighing of elephants was held this year also like every year. On its part, the forest department keeps an eye on the health and weight of the elephants that take part in Dasara. Last year, Arjuna was weighing 5,250 kgs and was the heaviest of all. This year, Arjuna has gained 400 kgs more compared to last year and is weighing 5,650 kgs now. Varalakshmi’s weight has increased from 2,830 kgs to 3,120 kgs. Other elephants, Vikrama 3,985 kgs, Dhananjaya 4,045 kgs and Chaithra 2,920 kgs are in that order. Dhananjaya was weighed for the first time.

Veterinary doctor of forest department, Dr Nagaraj said that the elephants are healthier than the previous year and the rehearsal is going to begin today. As they have to walk for 5 km on the day of  Jamboo Savari, physical ability of the elephants matters the most. They will be offered nutritious food containing jaggery, coconut, paddy, Ragi balls and butter. Dr Nagaraj said that the second batch of elephants will arrive in the city on September 14. He said that the elephants will be trained to carry weight in the coming days. (MR/KS).

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