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We are glad to note that the Centre  is planning to implement Bharat Stage (BS)-VI emission norms, by-passing BS-V norms, which are equivalent to Euro-VI emission norms, from the year 2020. This requires more than Rs 60k crore to process the fuels by oil companies to meet the requirements as per BS-VI standards. Currently, BS-IV norms are being implemented in about 30 major cities and the rest of the country is following BS-III norms. These norms are being revised periodically to have updated versions of international standards. However, its implementation is neglected  many a time. Automobile pollution is one of the major contributors to pollution in cities and towns. Vehicles releasing thick black smoke can be seen on roads across the country. Especially heavy vehicles like lorries and buses, light vehicles like autos are the major contributors to automobile pollution. The tendency of ‘do not care’  is the main reason for this. In the absence of strict implementation of ‘pollution under control’ certification many are not bothered to keep their vehicles smoke-free resulting suffocation on city roads, which also leads to health hazards like asthma, lung disease, skin allergies, eye rashes.  While keep updating government agencies should focus on their implementation and take stringent steps to keep automobile pollution under control, other future generations have to survive with oxygen cylinders to breath.  


Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru


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