Well done Sindhu, Sakshi

Barring the performances of shuttler P V Sindhu and Sakshi Mallik in the just-concluded Rio Olympics, other athletes, who were expected to perform better, if not win medals, came a cropper. Every time, there is a big international event, the foremost question that comes to one mind is how many medals India is going to win. It is disgusting to note that a country of more than one billion hardly produces noteworthy athletes. Whom do we blame for the disaster? Athletes or the system? Many pundits are of the opinion that India needs to spend more on athletes if it nurtures hopes of winning medals in big events.  They also say that selection of athletes should be purely on merit and nothing else. They are complaints our netas interfere in the affairs of many sports bodies resulting in negative impact. All this apart, I take this opportunity to congratulate Sindhu and Sakshi who could bring smiles on the faces of many Indians.  Government should ensure such athletes are given all the encouragement.

Rajeev Kumar, Lakshmipuram

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