What a tragedy?

The obscene and revolting exhibition of wealth in former minister Janardhan Reddy’s daughter’s marriage in Bengaluru palace rivalling the pomp and opulence of a royal marriage is a shocking contrast and mockery to the vast majority of poor in India eking a miserable life. The enormous tragedy and travesty of Indian democracy is that the institutions charged with enforcing law to curb such ugly exhibition of wealth that it stirs the conscience of the nation, silently and helplessly watches the goings on under its very nose probably with awe and wonder. As for as the powerful politicians attending it to partake in its splendour testifies to the fact that they too are a party to it when they rationalise as though it is the case of sacred marriage ceremony as if such a marriage has any sanctity or meaning under any sanction of scriptures. It is surprising in this modern era when youth of both sexes have a mind of their own and exhibit remarkable streak of independent thinking, the bride and bridegroom became a spectacle of themselves decked in  heavy jewellery and diamonds as if to be stared at in a museum. The only conclusion possible  is that it resembles like a child marriage in which both parents are liable for  action under our law.  

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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