What Akhilesh’s win means

As a jubilant Tipu aka Akhilesh Yadav, UP Chief Minister, was given the Samajwadi Party (SP) symbol of the cycle, he was crowned Sultan in an order from the Election Commission which established that his father, Mualyam Singh,  is now dethroned. Getting the cycle symbol is a bonus for Yadav Junior who will also announce his coming of age as the new “Netaji” of the SP by announcing a grand alliance with his “mitr” (friend) Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. Yadav will also move quickly to release his “manifesto”- the candidates selected by his camp are already campaigning in their constituencies. Says one of his closest confidants, “The symbol is a bonus. But the entire party is with Bhaiyya. Even Rahul Gandhi only wanted an alliance with him. Not with the old guard of the party like Shivpal (Yadav).”  The BJP, whose chief Amit Shah met multiple times with Amar Singh and is believed to have encouraged his role in the Samajwadi feud, will now be watching anxiously hoping that the Muslim vote still splits between the Akhilesh-Congress alliance and the Netaji faction of the SP.

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