What an irony!

Karnataka Power Minster is on the rampage (!), announcing that there will not be any power cut during this summer and that the water level in state reservoirs is sufficient to take care of the power generation needs of the state.  It is difficult to believe and understand these politicians. Contrary to what the minister claims, there is power cut almost  everyday and sometimes, people are experiencing power outage for long hours. Recently, we were in Dakshina Kannada and felt the severity of power cut there. Summer months being too hot, life is miserable. In this country, politicians talk about many issues and assure the voters everything one can imagine. Once the elections are over, these assurances evaporate into the thin air. Election Commission should  impose restrictions on populist schemes and false assurances by the political parties as whole and candidates in particular. Although, it is close to seventy years that the country became independent, politicians continue taking the voters for a royal ride. This is the irony of Indian democracy!

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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