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What it  means to be a Swachh Bharatiya

By Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

Mysuru, July 14:- We have two dogs at home and love them. We have taught them the basic lessons on maintaining hygiene, cleanliness, good behaviour, mannerism and they adhere scrupulously. When in need, they have their own ways of expressing certain feelings and we have learnt to recognise such clear signs and attend to their needs, on priority. We have also taught our servants to do the same by keeping alarm clock alerts.  Thereby we have no differences and moreover our neighbours respect us and our dogs.

Unfortunately, some of our neighbourhood dog lovers are not so civilised and suave.  They are arrogant, some aggressive and some, ferocious, like their dogs.  They take their dogs out, some without leash, and allow them to urinate / defecate anywhere and everywhere the dog wishes;  they keep watching them do things and heave a sigh of relief when they complete their shitting and pissing, as if they themselves are relieved.  For them, the health of their dog is important and they will be happy to watch the size and colour of their dog’s shit to satisfy themselves that their dog is healthy and has good digestion system, etc.

But what I loath with such dog lovers (male/female) is their utter callous attitude about the places they select to make their dogs shit/urinate even though they are aware that dogs have no civic  sense and they should not inconvenience or create unhealthy environment to others residents living in the same street/locality.  When objected to or questioned, they adopt aggressive tactics and question – ‘ Are you dumb? Don’t you know that dogs have a right to live in this world, how can I help if the dog shits in the flower bed in front of your house, he has to pass and he has done, so what?’

I have very valid reasons to be angry with such uncivilised dogs and their owners.  Recently our street was tarred and made to look nice; black topping was a perfect canvass and early in the morning, many housewives took pleasure in drawing huge rangoli designs in different colours in front of their houses and it was a sight to behold.

Imagine what might have happened when a dog lover brought a huge dog out and unleashed it to run around uncontrolled and complete its morning shitting/urinating?  First, it urinated on tyres of parked cars and finally moving round and round defecated on the rangoli design, scratched its hind legs thereby entirely spoiling the rangoli design and ran to its mistress.  The ‘educated’ dog lover, known for his hi-connections and ‘arrogant behaviour’ was very happy that the pet had completed its morning course and patted the dog.  In addition, to boot, we also have street dogs urinating and defecating wherever they want that cannot be controlled.

On subsequent days also, we noticed that the clean newly laid nice street was littered with dog shit all along, sometimes in the centre and some times in the kerbs.

In many countries, people always carry poop bags and whenever their pets relieve themselves, they scoop the same, put it in the bag and dispose the same in a hygienic way. It is also punishable if they are found violating the community health norms. Unfortunately, the dog lovers in India are as irresponsible, unhygienic and uncivilised as their dogs. (Please note: this write up is not meant for those decent people who have adopted best practices for their dogs).

Along with Swachh Bharat, we also need swach-thinking Bharatiyas.  At least after reading this, it is hoped that  dog lovers will behave in a civilised manner, carry bio-degradable/non-plastic poop bags, scoop and pick up the dog poops and dispose the same hygienically and help others to live in a clean environment since they have a right to such a community living.  Else, make their dogs poo inside their homes in identified places since dogs are more amenable to discipline.

Finally, here is an internet ‘youtube’ link that teaches us on how to make a dog poo inside our homes and stop getting cursed by others who use public places like parks, roads etc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX2EnuVY-LE

(The writer is a social activist)

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