When Sudeep Nagarkar comes calling at Just Books

Sudeep Nagarkar, one of India’s bestselling authors, was in the city on Sunday at an Author Meet programme organised by Just Books on the Kalidasa Road branch. His bestseller ‘She Swiped Right into My Heart was discussed at the event.

The young author said: “Though I have six bestselling books to my credit, I wanted to write a different book that has a positive message where I wanted to inculcate positive things among my readers. I wanted to clearly emphasise on two things, first regarding the social misgiving that gives prominence to fair skin. This is a story of Geet, an average and ‘unpopular’ girl. The story makes people understand that looks do not matter. What matters is confidence that you carry. Secondly, I have also emphasised on the LGBT issue”.

“In our country, people treat LGBTs as though they do not belong to our community or the society. There is a hatred towards them. It is high time for people to consider, accept and give them equal rights. In a group of 10, right-handed people might be more in number than the left-handed ones. But we treat all of them equally. Then why do we differentiate between gay, lesbian and transgenders?  It’s their choice of life and we need to accept them, he added.

The book launch included an interaction with Pallavi of Just Books. Shirley of Just Books was honoured with best performer award. Santosh Kumar, a budding writer, was felicitated by Sudeep Nagarkar. Manager of Just Books Poornima V Kumar and others were present.

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