Where are the laws?

Kudos to your reporter for capturing the visit of District In-charge Minister’s son Sunil Bose to Deputy Commissioner’s office. It is naked revealation how our political bosses and their kin make capital out of their power and kinship. The way he was received with salutes and security men escorting him just to cover up the audacity and arrogance of Mari Gowda exhibited in intimidating our DC C Shikha. How long our police department supposed to be the guardians of law and order agonisingly delaying in arresting Mari Gowda. Is this democracy or demoncracy? It is obvious our top  brass of the police department have gone silent and unnecessarily delaying because Mari Gowda happens to be the CM’s close associate.   We are thankful to City Today for exposing murderers of democracy. What a shame? This ‘dignitary’ Sunil Bose himself is prime accused in sand mafia. Our laws seem to be ineffective. Our laws apply only to un-influential and people who  have no political back-up.

Prof Dr D Prasad,  Mysuru   

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