Who killed  Devu, ask residents

It Residents of Paduvarahalli feel that the real criminals behind the sensational murder are being shielded; say youths having no criminal records are being arrested

Who killed Devendra alias Devu? Who are the actual people behind the murder? Are the real criminals being protected? How many more people will the police arrest? These are some of the questions raised by the residents of Paduvarahalli who have taken objection to the way the case is being investigated and the manner in which people who have no criminal records are being arrested. The murder that took place on the early morning on May 6 has shaken Paduvarahalli and now the residents feel that the police investigation is not going in the right direction. Devu, who was involved in a lot of real estate business was a familiar figure and posters paying homage to him are still being displayed at vantage points in the area.

So far, the police have arrested 8 persons in connection with the murder – Pavan Kumar of Paduvarahalli, Sunil Kumar alias Raghu of Hosahalli in Mandya district, Rakesh of Hebbal and Shivaraj alias ‘Kariya’ of Ganjam, Karthik and Padmanabha alias Paddanna. On Friday, the Jayalakshmipuram police arrested 24-year-old Karthik H B and 21-yer-old Gurudatta alias Guru both residents of Vinayaka Nagar. They were arrested near the Belavadi bus stop and according to the police, they have confessed to the crime. First the police said that 6 people have surrendered. Next they said that 13 people were behind the crime and they were being interrogated at a secret location in Hebbal. Later they arrested Pavan Kumar and every day two to three people are being formally arrested.

These reports are making us feel that the real people behind the crime are being shielded,” said a resident on condition of anonymity. “Paduvarahalli is a small area that has just six or seven main lanes and a couple of by-lanes and we all know each other well and sure that all those who have been arrested are not the real culprits behind the murder,” he added. As a case in point, they say that Pavan Kumar, who has been named Accused Number 1 has no criminal record. “He is an MBA graduate and was well known in the area for his no-nonsense behaviour.

Now the police are saying that he was the first to attack Devu with a sword on that day. It is hard to believe the police version,” another resident said. Even Pavan’s parents had told the investigators that their son was innocent and was forced to confess to the murder due to pressure from “some unknown sources”. Some residents also say that “powerful hands” have asked some youths to surrender in the case promising them that their “lives will be settled” and their families would be taken care of if the real names behind the murder are not brought into light.

Three among the before the court arrested are being taken to be produced

Pavan Kumar, who was arrested first in Devu murder case was an MBA graduate and had no criminal records, say the residents of Paduvarahalli.

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