Why not one caste, one education in India?: Jnanaprakasha

Mysuru, January 15:- “The central government has introduced one nation, one tax system. Why not one caste and one education system be introduced in India?” asked seer Jnanaprakasha of Urilinga Peddimutt here on Sunday.  He was speaking after releasing ‘Bharatada Bahujanara Sankshiptha Itihasa’ book by Sannaiah Lakkur at the Rotary auditorium.

“India is for everyone. But everything is saffronised, including Red Fort and judiciary. India is a country of multi-culture. But efforts are being made to eradicate the multi-culture and introduce a single culture. It should not be allowed and we have to keep our democracy safe. The unwritten constitution is being implemented. Supreme Court judges have expressed their fear that the unity of the nation is at stake. Politics is being made on dead bodies. Politicians will try to take advantage even if they get a Hindu or Muslim dead body,” he said.

“When the parliament, courts are made saffron, who will protect the nation? Democracy is in the hands of fake, cruel and cheaters. Honest efforts should be made to safeguard democracy,” he opined.

“Manu constitution is on the cards to be implemented. Manuvadis didn’t build this nation. Buddhist thinkers should evolve more in numbers to save the country,” he added.

Director of the agriculture products marketing department, R N Chamaraju, joint director of the education department, R Mahadevappa, Shanthraju, and others were present. (MR/KS).

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