Wild jumbo attacks forest dept vehicle, driver escapes unhurt

Mysuru, January 18:- A wild elephant which had turned violent following an attempt to push it back to the forest when it strayed into a village attacked a department vehicle. Luckily, the driver escaped unhurt miraculously. The incident took place at the 3rd block of Nagapura tribal rehabilitation centre.

The officials of the forest department observed the elephant that had strayed into the village. The driver made the staff get down from the vehicle and tried to chase it back into the forest. The elephant tried to attack the vehicle. The driver Vinod Kumar tried all his tricks to take the situation under control. The windshield of the vehicle got smashed in the attack. After all the commotion, the elephant went back to the forest. The video of the entire incident recorded by the tribal youths has now gone viral. (MR/KS).

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