Will take action against those participating in ‘Mangaluru Chalo’ bike rally: CoP Dr Rao

Mysuru, September 5:- “BJP Yuva Morcha has asked for permission to participate in the ‘Mangaluru Chalo’ motorcycle rally, from Mysuru to Mangaluru on September 6. On going though their petition, it is evident that the rally will disturb the public life. I have sent a show cause notice to the organisers of the rally, but haven’t received any proper answer,” said Commissioner of Police Dr A Subrahmanyeshwara Rao at a press meet held in the city on Tuesday.

“We will take action against those who try to take out the rally under Karnataka Police Act 1963. Section 144 will be implemented in the city from September 6 morning to September 8 morning. If 1,000 motorcycles get into the roads, it will disrupt the normal traffic. The BJP leaders have not taken proper measures for this. We have not permitted such rallies earlier nor will we permit now. The Mysuru police force has 3000 personnel. It is not difficult for us to stop 1,000 bikes. If any untoward incidents occur, the party leaders will be held responsible. The police will file FIR against vehicles and the youths,” he informed.

DCP N Vishnuvardhan and Dr Vikram Amte were present at the press meet.

-(KS, NGB)

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