Will the government wake up?

Chief Minister  Siddaramaiah  is literally showering so many ‘Bhagyas’ on people including to those community which even refused it on basis of self-respect but has sadly neglected those sections of people who are working quietly for decades. For example, there are malies who work hard to maintain and keep city parks  which  are considered as  symbol of our heritage city while there are many pourakarmikas who keep the city clean and those gang men who load the debris so that Mysuru can pride itself as the cleanest city in India. There are other categories like the drivers etc and all of them  constitute D-group of employees under MCC  working in 65 wards. But the saddest part of it is these workers have put years of service while some of them are as old as 3 decades but do not have security of service and retire from service because they are not absorbed into service. These people are vital for everyday of service to the society. When Lingappa  was the mayor, he made a proposal to absorb them to service which I learn was passed in the Council  and wonder whether it will see the light of the day soon because there is nobody to lobby for them. Will the government which prides itself as caring for the downtrodden activate the proposal and give them much-needed relief.

H R Bapu Sayanarayana, Mysuru

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