Withered trees cry for water on World Environment Day!

Mysuru, June 5:- One is witness to the withered trees welcoming the visitors at the new Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) office premises on Mysuru-Bannur Road at Siddarthanagar in the city even on World Environment Day (WED) which is observed on June 5 every year.

Often we see politicians at the helm of affairs and few organisations planting saplings and watering them on occasions like WED and calling upon the people to save environment – flora and fauna for the generations to come. However, in reality the saplings and trees are rampantly neglected over a period of time and the trees start withering for lack of water and no one to address the issue. Normally gardeners are appointed at government office premises to tend to the trees and flower plants, but in times of scorching summer months, the trees start withering and some may eventually die.

To sustain mother Earth we need more trees and it is the responsibility of every human being to do his/her bit in promoting a green environment. The climate change has brought in more devastation on earth including the disappearance of several species of flora and fauna. Time we all wake up to the grave situation and nurture the trees and plants. (NGB, HN)


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