Without deep research, there is no thesis: Prof Rangappa

Prof K S Rangappa, Vice Chancellor, University of Mysore, on Saturday said, “Research scholars in India should upgrade themselves with science and technology to pursue quality research.”

After inaugurating one-day workshop on research methodology for research scholars in sociology, organised by Gandhi Bhavan at Rani Bahaddur auditorium, he said, “Most of the research articles that are produced by our students lack the quality of research. Our research scholars should compete with the foreign research scholars in terms of quality in research.”

“Unless one gets deeper into the subject, we can’t not call thesis a PhD. The research should always deal with investigation and it should discover new things. As I have observed, there are many thesis which are neither publishable in any journals nor can be accepted. I have in fact rejected many of those subjecting to plagiarism.

“Thus, in order to pursue the quality of research, a research scholar should immerse himself in research methodology and the requirement of the subject,” he added. Earlier, he released the book ‘Research Methodology’ written by Dr H R Krishnaiah Gowda.

Prof R Indira, Veteran Professor in Sociology, Prof S Shivarajappa, Director, Gandhi Bhavan, UoM, Prof M Rudraiah, Student Welfare Officer, UoM and others were present.


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