Woman and her existence

People are always talking how girls should behave, walk, talk and wear, how changing the channel when a sanitary napkin advertisement comes on TV saves them from embarrassment, how women should work 24 x 7 bearing the pain during chumps, how  breastfeeding babies in public is a taboo and how talking about making love in public is the biggest sin.

Being a doctor, I myself have seen my fellow colleagues getting shy while talking about sex education. Keeping aside the ethics and moral values, whom exactly are we trying to make a fool? Who gave the rights to decide what a woman should and should not do. Who wrote the rules stating girls must not talk about chumps and should not breast-feed and should not wear jeans? People often say that it is a dream of every Indian boy to see his girl draped in a saree but dear, the distance between the blouse and saree is much more than the ankle and foot in jeans. So stop being hippocratic.

It’s hard to understand that one can let girls watch ‘sexy’ Bollywood videos and perform it too, but they cannot be educated about sex education. Shouting, scolding, beating women and burning have become as simple as a game for some people but when it happens to their own children, they feel bad.

Another persistent ghost of our society is dowry. Are the people so poor that they have to be given money along with the bride? Why don’t parents understand that giving dowry is like selling their own daughter? Happiness is not something that can be earned by money. The fact is every generation has learnt such evil deeds from its previous generation. It is high time to stop this practice and let our future generation know that we care about them.

A daughter in law is not responsible for not delivering a baby boy. It is the ‘Y’ (chromosome) which decides the gender of the child. So instead of burning the daughter-in-law isn’t it better to love the family.

And dear women, who are sitting somewhere amidst all the rules, laws, in- laws, shouting and beatings, broken promises and unfulfilled dreams, break the cage and set yourself free. Free enough to take your own decisions. Free enough to say yes! We are equal. Free enough to believe you are free.

Your existence does matter.

– Dr Nandita

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