Woman’s chain snatched by miscreant in Mysuru hospital

Mysuru, June 11:- A miscreant snatched a gold chain from a patient who had come to Apollo Hospital for treatment on Sunday. This happened in the presence of doctors and staff who seemed to be helpless.

Sujatha of HD Kote was at the hospital to consult a doctor for some ailment.  The doctor asked her to get a blood test done.  When she was waiting at the corridor, a person who was wearing a blue uniform of the hospital, asked her why she was sitting there and asked her to rest in the emergency ward.

Subsequently, he asked her to remove her gold chain. Sujatha asked him to call her mother who was sitting outside. The man in uniform swiftly pounced on her, snatched her 32-gram gold chain and escaped.

She has filed a complaint at Ashokapuram Police Station, saying the whole drama took place in the presence of doctors and the staff.

Ashokapuram Police Inspector Anantha Padmanabha and staff inspected the spot. They checked the CCTV footage and said to have found the details of the miscreant. (MR/KS)

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