Women MPs thrashed, democracy murdered: Rahul Gandhi leads Opposition attack over Parliament turmoil

Prime News, National, Constitution, Democracy, Politics, New Delhi, August 12:- Opposition leaders from 15 parties, led by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, marched towards Vijay Chowk from Parliament on Thursday (August 12), further intensifying the protests against the Centre over the monsoon session that was riddled with agitation, chaos and repeated adjournments.

With a bunch of Opposition leaders standing next to him, Rahul Gandhi said, “We raised the Pegasus issue, inflation, farmers issue, but were not allowed to speak in Parliament. Today, we had to come out here to speak to you as we are not allowed to speak in Parliament. This is murder of democracy.”

“This is the first time that MPs have been attacked in Parliament. Outsiders were brought in who thrashed the MPs. Even then, they talk about the Chairman’s tears. The Chairman’s job is to make the House run,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“The voice of 60% of the country was crushed, humiliated and yesterday, was physically beaten,” said Rahul Gandhi, who launched a sharp attack on the Centre over the chaotic Parliament proceedings in the entire monsoon session.

Shiv Sena Member of Parliament Sanjay Raut

Shiv Sena Member of Parliament Sanjay Raut joined the Opposition attack and said, “People from outside were brought into Parliament who wore marshal clothes and attacked women MPs. This is murder of democracy every day.”

Raut further added that it felt like he was standing at the Pakistan border and not Parliament. Leaders of the Samajwadi Party were also present at the Opposition protest at Vijay Chowk on Thursday. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)

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