Women should fight against violence to succeed: Radha

Mysuru, March 22:- “If women fight against discrimination and violence, they will succeed in life,” said Deputy Director of Women and Child Welfare Department, Radha.

She was speaking after inaugurating International Women’s Day, organised at Sri Rangacharlu Memorial Town Hall on Thursday.

“Harassment on women is increasing in the society. Women should come out of superstitions. The day has come for women to fight for their rights. They are working on par with men in all fields. Role of women is important in the society,” she opined.

“Women have a shy nature. They should participate in cultural events to come out of this. Sports, art, drawing and other fields help them. Women have to form their unions in all villages and wards to support women’s cause,” Radha added.

“Women are committing suicide for various reasons. There are many laws to help women. There are schemes such as Matru Vandana, Matru Purna, Samrudhi scheme, short-term loan and other schemes. Such schemes should be properly utilised,” she added.

Sumana, Rathi Rao, Shaheen Taj, director of RLHP organisation Saraswathi and others were present.

Former president of Zilla Panchayat Dr Pushpa B Amaranath inaugurated an awareness rally in front of Town Hall. (MR/KS).

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