Women should play a key role in nation’s development: Pramoda Devi

Stressing the role of women in putting the country on a way to progress, Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, wife of late Srikatadatta Wadiyar, said that women will have to play a vital role in the process to ensure unrestricted growth of the country.

Speaking at the inauguration of new MMK and SDM Girls’ PU College building on Friday, Pramoda Devi said that women nowadays were ahead in all the fields. They have made names in all the walks of life and this was possible through education, she said emphasising the role of education for girls.

She encouraged girls to make the most of their mind power as she said a human being’s mind power was “limitless.” “You can make wonders if you utilise your brain power effectively for the constructive purposes,” she told the august gathering of the girl students.

Though technology has surpassed our imaginations, Pramoda Devi pointed, it comes with some or other restrictions. A memory chip, for instance, she said, has a capacity ranging from 2 GB to 1 TB. But the human brain is unique with infinite memory space in it.

Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari Dr Veerendra Heggade emphasised the need for ‘education for living’ over ‘education for examinations’. He said that most of the students intend to learn just to pass the examinations. Education with such intention wouldn’t help them in living a happy life.

He said that MMK and SDM had started additional course ‘Home management for happy living’ for girls in which they were taught all those things that were not included in the syllabus. “The course would deal with topics on women rights, cleanliness, health and family welfare to name a few. This would help them living a happy life,” he said.

Deputy Director, Department of PU Education, Mysuru, Jayaprakash said that NCERT workshops were being conducted for teachers in the rural areas to facilitate students in rural areas to compete with students in other private colleges.

“There are 68 government; 32 aided and 130 unaided PU colleges in the district with 61,200 students. As many as 28,156 students will appear for the Second PU exams in the coming year. The workshop would improve the quality of education in the rural areas.

MLA M K Somashekar, Corporator and former Mayor M Purushottam and others were present.

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