Work begins to ensure safety measures at KR Nursing Hostel

Mysuru, July 25:- Following protests from the parents of students staying at the women’s Nursing Hostel of K R Hospital in the city, the district administration has initiated to ‘Bandobast’ the hostel premises to prevent entry of any miscreants to the hostel premises.

A pervert had intruded the hostel premises last week and creating fear among the nursing students who are staying at the women’s hostel. CCTV camera installed inside the hostel had captured the visuals of the unidentified miscreant entering the hostel and stealing the clothes of the inmates. Again on Monday, a miscreant threw stones at a hostel room triggering a sense of insecurity among the nursing students.

The students had immediately alerted their parents who rushed and blamed the Resident Medical Officers and the management for not providing adequate security to the students. A few parents and students had also staged a protest in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office and submitted a memorandum to take adequate measures.

Following complaints, the district administration directed the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) officials to immediately launch work to cover the entire premises with ‘Mesh’ and prevent any persons intruding into the premises.

MCC workers have already started the work of installing mesh across the compound wall of the hostel adjacent to KR Hospital stone building complex.

The students and parents had urged the management to declare holidays for the college until the construction work was completed at the hostel premises. However, as only few days are remaining for the semester exams, the work of ‘Bandobast’ was launched on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Devaraja Police officers have launched a probe to trace the unknown person who had entered the hostel premises. -KK

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