Work of students of speech and hearing commendable: Rajanna

University of Mysore (UoM) Registrar (Evaluation) Dr R Rajanna noted that courses in speech and hearing were unique and special as it in­volved not only a study on people affected by speech and hearing impairment but also the immense love and affection towards patients that the stu­dents learn during the course.

Speaking at the JSS Insti­tute of Speech and Hearing’s Annual Day and valedictory of its Students’ Association 2015­16 on Friday, Rajanna said that dealing with people who can­not communicate and under­standing their needs as a com­mendable job.

“Unlike other professions, speech and hearing is a dif­ferent field and service-orient­ed. Here you get to deal with both children and adults who are marginalised by the soci­ety. You put all your efforts to make him or her speak or lis­ten, just like how parents do to their wards. People affected by speech and hearing impair­ment need more attention, love and care than others.”

The registrar further cau­tioned about people falling for superstitious beliefs to cure their children with speech and hearing difficulty.

“There are many cases in which parents of the children seek help from fake medicine men to treat their children. It’s nothing but deceiving people and making them part with their money. Problems of these kind ought to be discussed with expert doctors and not with medicine men and faith heal­ers whose very motive will be to make money making use of the vulnerable situation of their clients,” Rajanna said.

On the occasion prizes were distributed to students who had excelled in vari­ous cultural activities held during the year 2015-15 by the registrar.

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