Workshop on challenges in measurement of Flow in Streams and Other Open Channels

Mysuru, April 24:- All kinds of flow of water in nature, except the small amounts of subsurface flows, and most of the intentionally driven large quantity flows of water take place in open channels. In the civilized world, the need for measurement of such flows is obvious. Data on stream flows play a pivotal role in hydrological research, in planning Water Resources development, and of late, matter a lot in water-sharing. In addition, monitoring discharge of water in canals and of other liquids in small channels is important in irrigation/ industrial management. While on one hand, measurement of flow in rivers continues to pose great challenges for the agencies involved in investigation of Water Resources development, the technological development in the field of flow measurement has been significant on the other. In fact, research in Hydrology has crippled to a large extent due to lack of availability of reliable data and often has also led to overambitious development of Water Resources and failure of many projects. Yet, there has been little effort to use the advanced technologies beneficially to monitor river flows.

In this background, the National Institute of Engineering (NIE) is organizing a workshop for engineers and people working in the water sector on the topic “Challenges in measurement of flow in streams and other open channels” on April 27th and 28th at its premises in the city.

The workshop intends to bridge the gap between research results and practice. It intends to highlight the importance of proper strategies for monitoring stream flows and managing their records and to make aware the participants of the methods that are currently being practiced and the advanced technologies that can be used in flow measurement and data procurement. The workshop will feature lectures by experts from academia and professional bodies having on hand experience in the field.

The workshop is open for participation to teaching faculty of Civil Engineering from Engineering Institutions, PG students of Water Resources and research scholars in the field, and, to professionals and members of NGOs working in the water sector. Registration is free of cost on first come first serve basis.

For more details caontact coordinators Dr R Y Putty, call- 9880255920), Dr Y Javeed.

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