Workshop on ‘Creative teaching’ held at SSR PU College

Creativity is no longer restricted to artists and musicians. It’s an important skill for everyone to master. Learning a particular skill set doesn’t have the value in today’s world that it once did. Learning how to be more creative and adapting oneself – now that’s what gears up the students for life beyond the classroom. To find a solution to this situation, an interactive and experiential workshop on ‘Creative teaching’ was organised at Sadvidya Semi-Residential PU College, recently.
The workshop, spread over two sessions, was spearheaded by the eminent speaker Dr G K Gururaj Karajagi, Chairman of Academy for Creative teaching, Bengaluru.
Dr Karajagi said “Frontiers of education is fast expanding these days. There are three main challenges that teachers are facing today – technology, generation gap and attention span of students.” He further added that creative teaching is akin to a mother teaching her child to walk. “It is a method of teaching style where the teacher matches the learning style of the students. Sensory, emotional, intellectual and spiritual methods should be part of the teaching process,” he added.
He also conducted a couple of creative activities for the teaching staff that challenged their mind. The workshop ended on a positive note where the participants felt –whether gifted or not, all teachers can use a dose of creativity to liven up the learning process.
Prof M S K Narahari Babu, Managing Committee member introduced, Dr M T Govinde Gowda, Principal of SSR PU College, R Vijayshekar, President, Kaveri Charitable Trust, M D Gopinath, Secretary, KCT, Prof G S Shivashankar, Joint Secretary and Chairman of the Academic Committee and Trustees of KCT Members C R Nagaraju, Prof P V Narahari, Prof K S Hiriyanna and Dr Gururaj Yeri were present.

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