Workshop on Green Building – ECNC and GRIHA held in city

Mysuru could face a grim situation if green building concepts are not accepted. Research Associate of the En­ergy and Resource Institute, Hara Kumar Varma on Thurs­day said time is ripe for all of us to understand the ground realities to keep a check on rise in temperature.

He was speaking at a workshop on Green Building – ECNC & GRIHA at a private hotel, jointly organised by Karnataka Renewable Ener­gy Development Limited and Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. He said there are 725 buildings in In­dia registered for green build­ing concept, of which 50 are in Karnataka. “Compared to conventional building, though green building is expensive by 15 percent, it could save 64 percent of energy. Usage of water can also be reduced. So green building is not ex­pensive,” he explained.

“To beat the increasing temperatures, we need to adopt green building concept in an effective manner so that temperatures can be brought down. In Germany and Spain, innovative methods have been adopted for energy saving methods. If we can switch over to use of solar energy, it would save our environment from inching towards disaster.”

“If the green technology is utilised appropriately, Mysuru will look more beautiful with sustainable development,” he said. Speaking on the oc­casion, Mysuru Urban De­velopment Authority (MUDA) Joint Director Shashikumar said that most of the people are not aware of solar energy. “Keeping this in mind, more awareness campaigns will be taken up in the days to come,” he said.

University of Mysore School of Planning and Archi­tecture Director Krishnegow­da pointed out that Indians were doing wonders in the US, why are they not doing it here? he wondered. “Though green building is costlier than conventional building, after two-three years, one will get more returns. MCC will have to focus on this.”

KREDL project engi­neer was D K Dinesh Kumar present on the occasion. About 30 engineering stu­dents were present.

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