Workshop on ‘Healthy Food, Healing Plants’

Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies (VIIS) and The Engaged Cornell Project at Cornell University are jointly hosting ‘Partnership Convening’, a workshop on ‘Healthy Food, Healing Plants’ at VLEAD campus, Mysuru, from September 12 to 16.

This event will draw partners of Cornell University in Tanzania, Malawi, Dominican Republic as well as partners in India including SVYM in an effort to advance the collective vision, knowledge, and approaches for increasing access and sovereignty over healthy food and healing plants in communities, with a particular focus on rural, low-income communities in the global south.

The workshop hopes to create a forum for a discussion on ideas, experiences and approaches to the work on ‘healthy food and healing plants’ in diverse settings. It also desires to foster evaluative and reflective conversation about building and sustaining effective global partnerships, along with the gain of skills and new ideas in this field.

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