Workshop on ‘Non-destructive testing of advanced materials’ held at NIE

A one-day workshop on ‘Non-destructive testing of advanced materials,’ sponsored by TEQIP-II was held at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the National Institute of Engineering (NIE), here.

Dr S Seetaramu, former director CPRI, Bengaluru, who inaugurated the workshop, stressed the importance of NDT tools like ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection and visual inspection in current manufacturing sector, aerospace and other military applications for detecting cracks and other defects without destroying the component. He also spoke about Internet of things (IoT) and its applications.

The main objective of this workshop was to bring together industry and academia with a common goal to discuss the latest NDT tools in advance materials and provide an opportunity to expand the knowledge in the same.

About 60 participants including students and faculty members from various engineering institutes and industries across the city, attended the workshop.

P Vijayaraghavan, former senior manager, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bengaluru, delivered a lecture on ‘Importance of non-destructive testing in metals and composites and applications part in current medical field like stents and others.

Ravikumar T, CEO, Trinity NDT engineers, delivered a lecture on basic principles and working of various tools like liquid dye penetrant test, ultrasonic test and also their industrial applications. He also spoke about the certification courses and career prospects for the young engineers in this field.

Ravikumar along with Mohan, Engineer, NDT Suppliers Group, showed in parallel working of X-Ray and UT machines in batches. Enlightening on how to read and identify the anomalies by different types of spikes in interpreting the ultrasonic test chart and type of defect through various spots in X-Ray test.

Speakers P Vijayaraghavan and Ravikumar T distributed certificates to participants. Dharanish J, coordinator, was present.


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