Workshop on Policy on Sexual Harassment Act of Women in Workplace held

Mysuru, May 22:- CII Mysuru and NIPM Mysuru Chapter jointly organised workshop on ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) of Women at Workplace’.

Inaugurating the event, Chairman CII Mysuru and CEO, N Ranga Rao and Sons Arjun Ranga said that the event is organized to empower women and help them rid of their feeling of helplessness as it can be the worst fear or uncertainty any human could go through. “It is very unfortunate that our social ethos do not provide enough security to women, which is the biggest cultural failure in our country. According to a recent survey on sexual harassment in India which involved around 6000 participants, only about 45 victims came forward to speak about their issues, and the survey revealed that about 30 percent of the Indian workforce has been facing this issue.”

“However, the same survey also seems to have revealed that most of the victims of sexual harassment at their respective workplaces didn’t even complain; many quit the organization that they worked with; some said they were looked down upon or discriminated by their co workers for complaining while several said that their complaints were not even followed.  This is very shocking as it is a sad affair taking place in almost all the firms across the globe. It is hence important for an organization to ensure the safety of its women employees with great care and encourage them to bravely face the issue.” he added.

The inaugural address was followed by a talk on ‘overview of the Legislation and Corporate Challenges’ by senior advocate and management consultant S N Murthy who began his talk regretting that women in the Indian society are considered a curse from their very birth.

“From the bygone times to this day, most of the places in India even to this day treat a woman as a curse. And it is not just men in the family but the women, more so the mother who delivers a female child herself considers her girl child as an annoyance. I have seen several cases where the mother has even gone into depression after knowing she has delivered a baby girl. This discrimination, bias and harassment of women is in fact nothing new to us Indians but is a huge problem to be addressed with care,” he felt.

HR Panel, CII Mysuru Anantha K Gowda delivered the welcome address, gave a preamble on the law against sexual harassment of women at work places and said that it is a very sensitive and confidential area that needs to be handled with utmost care, whichever section of an organization the concerned women belong to. S M Jayaprakash, Chairman, NIPM Mysuru and S N Gopinath, Past Chairman, NIPM Karnataka was also present.

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