Workshop on solar energy and its benefits held

“Use of solar energy needs to be promoted in rural India for collective growth through economic and environmental sustainability,” said Sudhir Kulkarni, Assistant General Manager, Selco Solar Light Private Limited. 

Delivering a technical presentation at a workshop on ‘Solar energy solutions’, he pointed out that instead of just focusing on business perspectives, solar technology should be promoted with a focus on social development.

“Indeed, solar energy is not harmful to health and environment. Therefore, we need to create awareness by convincing people and make them to realise on how they can save money if they depend on solar energy. If solar energy is adopted, it can boost our economy tremendously,” he said.

According to recent studies installation cost can be recovered within two years.  Solar technology saves huge amount.

“We can’t take solar energy technology lightly. It helps to stop over dependency on other energy sources,” he asserted.

“Due to lack of service providers, people are apprehensive to solar energy. Many foreign counties are recognising and encouraging people to use solar energy. However, it is unfortunate that in India there is lack of awareness even when power requirement is huge,” he said.

“Though Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are investing on solar energy, it is Gujarat which has the biggest solar plant in the country, generating 610 mega watt.

Germany and China come first and second in the index of top 10 solar energy using countries in the world, whereas Japan in third,  Italy, the US, and Belgium come in that order.

Selco, set up in 1995 in Mangaluru, has a vision to extend solar technology to rural India, targeting 3,50,000 households by 2017.

Selco Chief Operating Officer Mohan Hegde pointed out that if we have to facilitate slum-dwellers and other lower strata of the society, solar energy is one of the best sources for empowering them socially and economically. Jagadish Pai, Deputy General Manager and others were present.

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