World Suicide Prevention Day observed

As many as 300 students from various schools and colleges in the city went on an awareness rally on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day here on Friday, pledging to extend support to those with suicidal tendencies.

The event was jointly organised by district administration and District Health and Family Welfare Department at its premises. Students took part in the rally which started from HO,  passed through Nazarbad, R- gate , Mysuru Zoo, holding banners that carried the message that human lives were precious and that suicide could be prevented.

Speaking on the occasion, DHO Dr Basavaraju said: “Suicide is the most common cause of death for people aged 15-24. In India, lot of students commit suicide due to the pressure of studies, high parental expectation, love failure and other minor causes.  Depression, mood disorders, past suicide attempt, temperament, low self-esteem, broken families, disturbed parent-child relationship, family history of mental illness, inappropriate parental expectations, academic performance and adverse life experiences also have attributed to suicide tendency. Hence, awareness and education were the best means of preventing suicides.”

The police sources said that around 4,000 unnatural cases were registered from all the 17 police stations in the city. Cases will be registered as unnatural death and majority of them belong to teenage. Parents and teachers play a crucial role in moulding the life of children.


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