World Theater Day celebrated at Mahajana College

On the occasion of World Theater Day, the Department of English, SBRR MFGC, Mysuru, in cooperation with Prof. Purnima, Director, Children’s Literary Club, Mysuru, showcased short scenes from various classics of world literatures based on the theme ‘Exploitation and Towards Empowerment’.

The enactment of short scenes from the hugely popular classics like ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Bishop’s Candles’, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, ‘The Barbers Trade Union’, an autobiographical work of a transgender Revathi, titled ‘The Truth about me’, and professional mourners Rudali dealt with the theme of class division, work-house condition, the effect of slavery, economic exploitation, social discrimination etc., using the technique of ‘spec – act’ which drew lot of appreciation from the students of literature. Spec – act is a technique wherein the actors are students, narrators and participants in a theater class, popularly used in the theater of the oppressed.

Research scholars Shivkumar, Shivshankar Gopal, Kalavathi, Nagaratna, Dr Somashekhar and student Yamuna formed the ensemble of actors and were encouraged and trained by                       Dr Purnima to take up English theater and motivated them to speak in English. The whole concept was conceived, designed and scripted by Prof Purnima. Faculty members of the department were present on the occasion.


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