World Tourism Day: Tourists welcomed with flowers and sweets at Mysuru Palace

Mysuru, September 27:- Tourists visiting Mysuru Palace were warmly greeted with rose and Mysuru Pak on the occasion of World Tourism Day on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Safe Wheel founding chairman Prashant BS said “Today is World Tourism Day and Dasara festival is also approaching. We must heartily welcome tourists to Mysuru. So, we are welcoming tourists who are visiting the Palace with a rose and Mysuru’s special sweet Mysuru Pak. Tourists are welcomed the same way at the airport as well. Ramesh Aravind will be conducting a quiz for children at the Karnataka State Open University Hall on Dasara and tourism at 3 pm today. Children are the future citizens and it is necessary to create awareness among them regarding Mysuru Dasara and tourism.”

Veeragasse artistes were also present on the occasion and greeted the tourists. (MR/KS)

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