Worldwide Blood Drive -2016 Passover held

 Mayor B L Bhyrappa stressed the importance of blood donation during the drive

There are a lot of difficulties in medical community to supply blood since patients have increased by various accidents, incidents and diseases.

The Church of God (General Pastor Joo Cheol Kim) conducted the ‘Worldwide Blood Drive in 2016 Passover,’ recently.
On that day more than 110 people donated blood including members of church and their family members, neighbourhood and friends. Mysore City Corporation and Jeeva Dhara Blood Bank appreciated them by distributing juice and fruits.
Mayor B L Bhyrappa thanked the Church of God by saying: “World Mission Society Church of God is doing a good job by donating blood. Donating blood is a holy act as it helps transcend all barriers of caste and religion. Moreover, there is a need to create awareness among the people about the importance of donating blood.”
A church official noted that the worldwide blood donation drive was being held since February to help save the lives of those in danger.

The Passover feast means that ‘Disaster passes over’ and it comes on the evening of 14th day of the 1st month by the sacred calendar (Jewish calendar). It originated in 15th century BC when ‘destruction of the first born’ came upon whole Egypt, Israelites who were subjected to slavery by the Egyptians were saved from this disaster by keeping the Passover according to the words of God. So, the Church of God observes the Passover of the new covenant preciously every year.

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