Worrisome factor

It is a worrying fact that even after 69 years of freedom, around 280 million people the aged seven and above are illiterates in our country. The recent draft National Educational Policy of Human Resource Development Ministry reveals that four out of every 10 children are discontinuing their studied before 8th standard itself. The dropouts are more among the girls. Many do not have access to education. Migration, poverty and disabilities are some of the reasons quoted to be for this condition. It may be more common in rural areas. Government schools are facing many serious problems like poor teacher training, teacher absenteeism, improper or inadequate infrastructure, etc. Implementation of special schemes like Sarvasikhna Abhiyan could not show its impact in improving basic education in our country. New strategies are required to improve the education standards in the country.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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