Yaduveer elected as MRC member

Heir of Wadiyar family and the young Maharaja Yaduveer Krishnadattha Chamaraja Wadiyar has been elected as a member of Mysuru Race Club on Monday. The election was said to be a battle of prestige and Yaduveer has turned a success in his very first attempt.

He had filed nomination for polls for membership of Mysore Racing Club (MRC) started by his ancestors in 1891. Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, wife of the former royal scion Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, who adopted Yaduveer after her husband’s death, had led the campaign on behalf her son. It said that Pramoda Devi in a letter had requested the members to vote for Yaduveer. She was overwhelmed and rejoiced after the result was announced.

 Yaduveer won the elections with the highest voting of 176 members The election was held for 10 posts, for which 22 members had contested.

The other members elected are: Sunil K Vasanth (124), Amogha Devaldakere (122), M S Harish Shenoy (113), R Bharath Jois (110), Dr. Nithin Sri Chandra (109), A K Suresh (103), Rakesh Vijay Kumar (103), Dr L Vijaya Kumar (98) and Gaffer Iqbal (98). The election was held till evening 21 March and the result was out within few hours.

Yaduveer will be contesting for another election for Bangalore Turf Club on Mar. 28.

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